where's da doop at


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is it pets mart or pet smart

are we human or are we dancers

where am I

To the first question, it is Pet Smart.


Each of the words are a different color, and the ball bounces in between both of the words.

And as for the second question, we are human. Dancer is a type of profession.

that poor third person’s question wasn’t answered they’re probably still lost

true, but the outlined path of the ball’s motion also makes an apostrophe between the T and the S, making it Pet’s Mart at the same time

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13 years of school and im still not sure if its “grey” or “gray”

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Patiently waiting until January 1st to make the “I haven’t showered since last year” joke.

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  • boy: I'm having a penis transplant tomorrow
  • girlfriend: I know
  • boy wakes up and only mum is there
  • boy: where's my girlfriend
  • mum: who do you think gave you the penis
  • boy: what
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